Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cute but dumb

Jesus, what a coincidence!

Quite a few posts ago, I did a photo essay on the religious art phenomenon I call "Laughing Jesus". These are mostly tacky paintings or depictions of Jesus either laughing or looking jocular. About the only one I liked was this blow-dried look by Greg Olsen, an artist who specializes in painting Jesus in contemporary settings (i. e. sitting next to a kid with a backpack - runaway?).

Then I was waiting for a bus outside a classical record store, and saw. . . this.

I honestly wonder if this could be a coincidence.

Does Greg Olsen paint "from life", or "from CD covers"? There's no law against it, it's not really forgery, it's just using an album cover as a model for your picture.

I guess.

But I still think it's weird.