Saturday, May 10, 2014

Don't give your heart

You must know this: it's not too goddamn smart
To give your heart.

To let some boy just trifle, a-la-carte
It's not too smart.

If you want to go there, go there,
And if you want to stay here, stay here,
And if you want to just pop la balloon
With la railroad-spike -
Do what you like.

Stupid to throw so much of yourself away
Stupid to realize it's past that day
(Way past that day!)
But haven't we always been the railroad type?

Love is a gutting kind of a thing
Doesn't make bells and banjos ring
and in the end, who's gonna sing? 
(Say, sing!)

When it almost works, it's such a shame,
And shame can feel much worse than pain
(and wedding rain)

When it almost works, the shock is deep
When it almost works, it shatters sleep
And pride and other things

The dream is stolen in the night
But you left it in the open, that wasn't too bright!
Not too bright.

When magic misfires too many times
and when all this stuff no longer rhymes:
Quelle horreur!

But it can't be worse than misfired art
And it can't be worse than knowing
You made this whole mess start -

You gave your heart.

Duckie-wuckies up the stairs!