Friday, November 7, 2014

Jian Ghomeshi, serial gropist

Right now, this is about all I can say about that narcissistic self-proclaimed Persian Prince, Jian Ghomeshi, a. k. a. the serial gropist and head-puncher who is now relegated to disgraced exile in - where IS he now, anyway? Whose bed is he hiding under - or in? And an even bigger dilemma: who'll host the Gillers this year? Find somebody stubbly and full of faux-hipster self-importance, quick!

Dear God - they've cancelled his new book, Why I Punch Women's Heads and Other Hobbies of the Hippest Man in Canada! What to do?

And they've cancelled this too, I'd imagine. Bad week for him. Jianny get angry, Jianny get mad! But that's not all. Somebody took a crowbar to his star on the very small and insignificant Canadian Sort-of Walk of Fame (But We're Sorry). They couldn't get it up, I mean out, so somebody had to use a jackhammer. His jilted ex-girlfriend was quoted as saying, "I wish they'd use it on his head."

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