Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cat Puts On Bunny Hat (cute cat video)

I try to resist cute cat videos/gifs whenever I can. but it's been a hard week, and it's only Tuesday. I literally have a pain in the ass - it hurts when I sit down- probably one of those nuts things of old age. But I loved this one, most especially the way the cat lies back at the end, displaying the elegance of the hood with an attitude of cattitude.

I just find this one aesthetically pleasing, the border around it and stuff. Cute cat, too.

AWWWWW poor dog. If I liked dogs, this would be the type of dog I'd like.

Incomprehensible, but fun. Kind of like life itself.

I ain't gonna work on Meow-ggie's farm no more.

What if the cat jumped off? Don't jump off, kitty.

Cat doesn't like dogs either.

Observant Muslim cat mauled by cat from Westboro Baptist Church


 Can anyone read cat lips?

Little Miss Sparkle-Whiskers with a bibby-kins and itty-bitty mitty-gloves!

Way down upon the Furball River. . . 

 How I love the smell of Meow Mix in the morning!

Persian with the pink dress, pink dress, pink dress, Persian with the pink dress on. . .

Mlamm, mlamm, mlamm, mlaam. 

Cat gives papal blessing to watermelon, 

Himalayan on peanut butter sandwich floating in space.


Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book
    It took me years to write, will you take a look

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