Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weird shit in the lab!

The first time I saw this one, I thought, duhh-y, duhh-y, duhh-y, like Bugs Bunny in the cartoons. Now it's the twentieth time, and I'm still saying it. I realize, yes, that it's some sort of science experiment, that it's probably perfectly safe, but why does it take place on a cookie sheet? Is it meant to be edible? Some new form of calamari, perhaps?

This one is even more volatile and mysterious. It just puts out these - things. I don't understand science, don't understand how anything can even "be", and then something like this comes along! Satanic, if you ask me. Black magic. The Republicans would be against it, for sure.

This one goes on for about half a minute. Not sure how that can be, because gifs have an outside limit of fifteen seconds, but maybe in the Land of Kraken, the usual rules are suspended. All I know is, my blog is having a hard time playing these things and I've already had to re-gif and substitute several times.  My blog is trying to spit them out!  Just a coincidence? I. . . DON'T. . . THINK. . . SO!

This is a truly horrible experiment by that Mad Russian guy, whoever he is, KGB Guy or whatever, the one who made the floating candle floating in kerosene. It looks as if the yard is about to explode. Don't try this at home. Don't try this, EVER.

A mere science experiment, or a new life form in the microwave?  You decide.

(Mad Scientist's Note. I had to cut about half of these because they stopped playing. So if the rest of them won't play, it's the Mysterious Ghost of Pharaoh's Snake or the Kraken Kreature, or whatever, or else the gifs are too long (which makes no sense because the longest one plays fine). Sometimes I just have trouble with these things, other times not. It's kind of like my lumbar region. Hope these are sufficient to gross you out.)


  1. Very amusing blog! These are the type I enjoy reading! :)
    As for the microwave piece... I have to say, my first reaction was, "WTF?!?" I honestly thought someone had placed a head in a microwave! Freaky shit, science is...

    1. Oh yes - weird or what! I'm also a huge Big Bang Theory fan. My husband would have fit right in with that gang when I met him: plaid shirt with undershirt showing, plastic pocket protector, glasses held together with tape. My kind of guy! (Thanks for your comments.)

  2. Nightmares ahead. Thanks, Margaret.

    1. For some reason these gifs won't run for me beyond a couple of seconds. Possessed?