Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bizarre YouTube video of the week (if not the century)

Believe me when I say, I cannot find ANY YouTube video with Rich Correll in it. Hardly any, anyway. I mean, old Hollywood Squares episodes so compromised in quality, so melted of acetate that they look like bad trips. One sliver of a documentary about Stan Laurel from 20-some years ago. That's it. This is the same Rich Correll I wrote about in Searching for Rich Correll, a post from several years ago which I plan to rerun, if only to give me a sense of perspective. It's all about seeking the Chimera, the unicorn of good fortune, and seeing its ass bounding into the woods again.

Being of bloodhound blood type, I can do nothing but pursue: "I sought him, down the nights and down the days. . . " Oh, oopsy, that's "fled him", but it might as well be fled, for all it has netted me.

I don't know if he has my book in his hands or not. He has talked to me on the phone twice. Unexpectedly, for I wondered if he would be truly interested. I sent him 300 pages of loose manuscript, a truly dumb thing to do, then phoned him and told him not to read it. I wonder if we really got off to such a good start.

He hasn't answered my emails, but in this he's like 95% of other people. I wonder, am I cursed, or is this just the way the world is now? My world, anyway. I may never find out.

I can't say the visuals are too effective here, though right at the beginning you see Richard and Beav walking down the street talking, I mean just talking normal, and there are English subtitles. Then the camera sort of goes sideways, and stays there. Maybe this was shot by Antonioni or something, one of those cool directors from the '60s.

Maybe there's more, who knows. Maybe we will talk again, he'll actually read my book, or he won't, or he'll forget all about it. The mud puddles I step into always seem to be completely bottomless.

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