Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Innovation of Loneliness

Some interesting thoughts here. I was especially taken by the idea that we now get to tailor and edit the selves we present to other people. This completely kills both spontaneity and genuineness (if that's a word), so that there is no longer any risk we'll "say the wrong thing". We're too busy typing it out with our thumbs and taking out whatever might place us in a bad light.

This is like a giant watering can for the seeds of narcissism we all contain. When will it stop? I guess when the environment falls apart and we're all swept away, in about 50 years or less. No, really, I do not think that with this social erosion and the horrific, unforgiveable way we have befouled the planet that we have a snowball's chance in hell of surviving. And it's sad, because if only enough of us would wake up. . . but we're too busy "talking" to each other with our thumbs.

Maybe the survivalists have it right, after all. But what sort of world will they inherit?

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