Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Always-Prepared Mom

Most ads blow the big one, and most Walmart ads blow Moby Dick as far as I'm concerned (though I'm not quite sure what that means). But this one comes on, and I like it because of the slight hostility implied by "oh, I know we're not exchanging gifts this year but - " (pulling out the "surprise" gift which is about as welcome as a hurled Clovis point, the implication being, HA, got you, sucker, now you're going to feel guilty and as if you have to reciprocate for the next year!), countered by the even-more-devastating "as a matter of fact, it just so happens. . ."

These are stealth gifts, and I am sure a lot of them are exchanged at this time of year. They mean nothing. Each lady gives the other the exact same box of cheap licorice All-Sorts from Walmart (for less than $5!). Is anybody further ahead? Of course not. They have cancelled each other out.  In the great holiday gift-giving joust, which is usually a battle to the death,  it's a draw. Praise the name of Walmart.

But the real reason I love it, it's that music. Whatever it is, it drives me crazy!