Saturday, July 27, 2013

Full prively he caught her by the queint: torn from the pages of Facebook

High, dizzy and brand new!

Welcome to the New Look. Well, sort of. I was just tired of the old title which most people didn't understand, as it was meant as a sort of satire of Barbie's House of Dreams (and all the other kittenish, puppyish, glittery-type-things I SOOOO often see on the internet). They thought I was merely lame and took shots at me. One even called my blog "embarrassing". Oh dear.

So today, on a whim, I changed it up, changed the title too, and am mixed up as hell because older posts still seem to want to come out in a House of Dreamy sort of way. But hopefully I'll soon get the bugs out.

I'm sticking to this simple template now because there is nothing I LOATHE more than a web site I can't navigate, with "things" popping up all over the place and rolls of photos dizzily sliding along when you don't want them to. I don't like tricks. I want accessible. As it is, I wasn't able to get all the text just where I wanted it to be, but this will do for now.

I do get tired of that "iconic" picture of Harold 'angin' about on the clock, and felt that this one had a little more scope. It is one of the VERY few high-res pictures I can find of Lloyd - most are small and smudgy. I also like Mildred Davis' somewhat submissive posture. I believe this came from an early Lloyd pic called High and Dizzy.

And the title, well, it's the same title as my forthcoming novel. Almost everyone else referred to Lloyd's screen persona as the "glasses character", but for reasons that were never clear, Lloyd himself always talked about his "glass character" and even "glass pictures", which I think is indescribably poetic. For that I thank him, for it's a great title and much nicer than The Glasses Character.

Will this blog be about Lloyd and nothing else? You know it won't. It will probably have the same freaky, uneven history of 23 views for one post, and 73, 496 for another (no kidding, look it up, it's called I See Dead People: Victorian Post-Mortem Photography, and it got more exposure than I've probably had in my entire writer's life). Since I can't seem to please anyone, and since freakish events like that one are rare, I'll continue to please myself.

I thought it was a good idea to stick my name on the title of my blog for publicity, and now it feels a little lame and never got me anywhere, anyway. So I'll use the title of my novel instead. Coming soon. To a bookshelf/Kindle near you.

Weinerdance: Anthony Weiner gets down!

It's late, and I want to go to bed, but that's when the gif-monster strikes. A two-minute YouTube clip of Anthony Weiner, who may just be the most repulsive human being I have ever seen, yielded so many rich gif moments that I had to pick and choose. In this one he demonstrates some strange new dance step, the Sexting Shuffle, perhaps.

One of the Weenie-man's favorite gestures - pointing fingers! Remember, Tony. When you point a finger at someone, four fingers point back at you. Or whatever. 

That's tellin' em', Tony! That's righteous moral indignation! That's exposing hypocrisy, corruption and lies! That's taking a stand for truth, honesty and the American Way!

No! I WON'T clean up my room! I WON'T eat my spinach! I WON'T stop sexting, I WON'T!

Eat, pray, LOVE that Tony Weiner.