Thursday, January 3, 2013

Failure quotes from the Bad Fairy

Note. A Bad Fairy (who isn't even gay) has forbidden me to post images. I just can't do it unless they're out of my phone. I don't even have a phone. My phone is like the ones you see on Sex and the City. I once took a picture of myself by accident and then discovered pictures of my cat, by accident. My cat is dead. I can't do photos any more? All I can do is this lame colored text. This file that I dredged up today while looking for something else (that I never found) kind of says it all.

Failure Quotes and Sayings

FAILUREisonly atemporary chantionetoustraightoryournextsuccessOnly thosewho dareto fail greatly caneverachieve greatlyur busineinlife is nottosucceed, but toontinue tofail ingoodpirits.If thereexists nopossibility offailure, hen victory is meaningless ailuri aman hasblunderedbut is notcapable fcashingin on the experience.Remember, noman is afailure who has friends.One mustbegod to be abl to tell uccessesrom failureswithout makingamistakeExperience is simplythenamewegive ur mistakes.Success isgoing from failure to failurewithout losingnthusiasmThe only real failure in life is the failureto tryThere ar noecrets to succes resultof preparation hard workand learningrom failureLife’seal faile is whenou donotrealize how close yowere tsuccesswhen you gave up.Success builds character, failure reveals iThere are no ailures just experiences and your reactions to themFailure is the tuition you pay for successA man may allmany times, but he won’t be a failure until he says that someonpushedhim.Failure is notfalling down but refusing to get upYou cannot do wrong without suffering wronHe who failto plan, plans to fail.Defeat is not theworst of failures. Not to have tried is the truefailure.Notice thedifference betweenwhhappens when a man says to himself, “I have failed three times,” and what happens when he says, “I am a failureI have not failed. I’ve just found 10ways thatwon’t workNeveconfuse a single defeat withainal defeat.

Just for a balance and a check, below are a few synonyms for failure. I mean, just a handful. There are hundreds, and none of them are good. Somehow these seem to fly in the face of all the sappy inspirational quotes I've been finding on the net, i.e. make sure you fail all the time cuzzadafact that the sun will shine on you tomorrow! and stuff like that. Or even the ubiquitous "there is no failure".

I wonder if heart surgeons abide by that one.

Truth is, failure is anathema in our culture. It IS seen as a disgrace and can often lead to dismissal from a job without any explanation, or just being passed over again and again. I keep hearing how rotten the workplace is now and how one slip-up, one small error can destroy a career that took years to build. So I wonder why we do all this pep-talking stuff about how useful and valuable failure is, and how you're not supposed to feel bad about it. People like Oprah and Edison and Bill Gates especially yammer on and on about failure. Poor things! I'll bet they suffered plenty of wreckage as they stumbled and flailed their way to legendary, worldwide success.

Main Entry:
failure[feyl-yer] Show IPA
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: lack of success
Synonyms: abortion, bankruptcy, bomb, botch, breakdown, bungle, bust, checkmate, collapse, decay, decline, defeat, deficiency, deficit, deterioration, downfall, failing, false step, faux pas, fiasco, flash in the pan, flop, frustration, implosion, inadequacy, lead balloon, lemon, loser, loss, mess, misadventure, miscarriage, misstep, nonperformance, nonsuccess, overthrow, rout, rupture, sinking ship, stalemate, stoppage, total loss, turkey, washout, wreck