Friday, September 27, 2013

David Gilmour GIFs: he moves! He speaks! He repeats himself!

David Gilmour is verbose. When he's not telling us all that he doesn't like to teach novels by women, that he doesn't go for writers who are gay or from cultures other than white-bread, and that he hates hanging around Canadian writers (assuming he isn't one himself),  etc. etc., he is vigorously denying that he made any such statements, claiming he was "misquoted".

So here's your chance to get it right: three gifs you can caption which will clarify, once and for all, what he really means when he says women, gays and  people from diverse cultures aren't worth bothering with! You'd better jump in right away, however, because it looks like he's prone to repeating himself.

"How much do I hate Canadian writers? Let me count the ways."

"If I talk fast, it's because I have so much important stuff to say."


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