Tuesday, August 20, 2013

SHAT HAPPENS: Rock it, man!

"And I'm gonna be. . . . h--i--i--i--i--i--i--g--h--h--h--h--h . . ."

Yes, this must be Rocket Man,  William Shatner's immortal version, which he performed at some Syfy-type awards show, post-Trek but pre-T. J. Hooker. The audience, confused, didn't laugh but gave him some kind of standing ovation at the end. No one thought it was funny or satiric or over-the top. They just thought it was William Shatner. Between gigs.

No one knows if this thing humiliated Shatner or not, but probably not. It sure beat doing Loblaws commercials, and this way he got to wear a nice ruffled shirt.  Unlike Leonard Nimoy who bawled like a sacrificial goat singing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, Shatner did not even try to sing.

                                 Actors. Just one "sieg heil" and they disappear on you.

                                There is very little that can be said about this shot, where Shatner's inner party animal breaks loose and begins to shimmy around like some drunken middle-aged housewife. I particularly like the way the image on the right hangs there like a transparency with a bite out of it. Very high-tech for its time.

"Sam!. . . Ass!. . .Sam!. . . Ass!"