Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chased down with horse and hounds

“Happiness leaves such slender records; it is the dark days that are so voluminously documented.” 

Oh MY my. This was a quote by Truman Capote that rattled around in my head for years and years. But I only remembered the gist of it, something about not remembering when we've been happy. Like all Capote quotes, it was elegant, graceful and went straight to the point. I never thought I'd find it again, and even doing a google search was pretty unfruitful (to coin a phrase) for the first couple of hours or so. Then, under the tag "happiness". . . 

Oh yes.

Back in his youth, he was a sort of male literary Marilyn Monroe, probably showing his hairy leg to journalists if it would get him laid. He was like that.

But Jesus-bloody-Murphy and hell's bells, wasn't he beautiful?

What can I say? These exotic poses pre-dated the Advocate Personal Ads by quite a few decades. But I guess that pouty lounging look got him noticed. His infuriating ability to stun with a phrase did the rest.


  1. That's not writing, that's typing.

  2. How about "that's not drinking, that's boozing"?, or "That's not cruising Studio 54 for fine young boy-flesh, that's wasting your time, energy and life"?