Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Physics Time!

Remember that kids' game Mouse Trap? The one you wanted so badly you thought you would die of unfulfilled yearning, but never got for Christmas because it was too expensive and "besides, you'd just get tired of it anyway"? And then you went over to your friend's house on Christmas day (the friend who had an Easy Bake Oven which YOU never had, and a Chatty Cathy doll which YOU never had, and Mattell's Creepy Crawlers which YOU never had) and she HAD Mouse Trap and you PLAYED Mouse Trap and it really was - it was - it was a piece of shit! The whatchamacallit always got stuck and wouldn't go all the way through, I mean the trap never went down on top of the mouse, and besides the whatchamacallit was really crummy, it only took 2 seconds and was nothing like the ad on TV.

This is much nicer, even if I think it's running at the wrong speed. Let us, right now this minute, praise Physics, noble Physics, for giving us these few seconds of entertainment/enlightenment, even if we don't know who Goldberg is. (Newton is that centaur on Hercules who always says everything twice: "Herc! Come rescue Helena! Herc! Come rescue Helena!")


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  1. Never had the mouse one. The worms, tho, ahh, yes. 4th of July thrills.