Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's late, I should go to bed, but I have this horse. . .


  1. Being able to make my own gifs (and it's very easy, just enter the link to the video and choose which 5-second segment you want)has opened up whole new worlds of fun fiddling around for me. Now I can't stop, of course! Most gifs consist of 1 or 2 seconds of lame cat antics. The whole art is getting the seconds right. This was from a magnificent video - I'll have to track it down again - of an American Quarter Horse stallion romping in a pasture with a black lab. The two of them cavort and chase each other like two dogs, except that the stallion runs at light speed. It was hard to isolate which parts were best, and I could have done 10 of them, but I'm not that obsessive, am I?