Monday, January 7, 2013

Do you like my (orange-u-) tan?

As you know, this blog is all about classic television and its impact on our daily lives as we hurtle towards self-annihilation. This clip summed up much of my belief about the desperate future of our race. Dismayed though I was by the end-times ennui inherent in this little song, I was heartened to note that Dr. Whatsisname's satin smoking jacket exactly matched his bronzed orange face. A fine example of accessorizing. Along with extreme comb-overs and vacuum-driven dick pumps, this brought to mind the 5,926 ads for  testosterone goo and folding canes (not to mention ambulance-chasing scuzzbag lawyers) that I had to sit through while trying to watch Fargo tonight on AMC. AMC must be watched by litigious geriatrics with limp pricks.

BLOGGER'S NOTE. If the above YouTube video doesn't work, try the link in red. But don't expect too much.  For the past couple of weeks I have been completely unable to post images on Blogger. The Browse button has been permanently disabled, forcing us to use all sorts of complicated arabesques as a substitute. Posting takes at least twice as long and is no longer fun, which seems to be the aim of the Blogger support team (a fine group of stoners if ever there was one). For a while I traded horror stories with other users on a message board, then realized it had been closed down. Instead I was greeted with this cheery message:

The immediately previous topic, which linked you to this advice, is closed. You can't help yourself, or other bloggers, by trying to answer there - or here!!!!!!!
If you need help, or if you want to provide help, please return to the topic which linked you to the previous topic. Don't waste time and effort trying to reply to closed topics / FAQs. The immediately previous topic, which linked here, is informational only - and further input there isn't helpful.

The multiple exclamation marks represent shouting, or at least petulance at being bothered by idiots who use Blogger and dare to ask for help. If they want to tell us something, fine - but they should do it respectfully, not with nasty little jabs like this. It's designed to make you slink away, ashamed of yourself for not knowing how to fix this fuckup yourself. Technology is evil.

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