Monday, January 7, 2013

Elephant soccer (just a little bored)

Basically, this is an experiment. This is an experiment to see. This is an experiment to see if. This is an experiment to see if I.

Oh fuck, I'm trying to get my photos back somehow. The good people at Google have decided to disable my Insert Image button, seemingly forever. Or should I say the browse button, so we can't browse any more.  We can add photos through our phone though. Great.

Now they say we are supposed to use a feature named HTML which has caused me no end of frustration and grief by turning my nice photos into blocks of complicated code. When they come back to life as pictures, they are all screwed up. I can't even get them to come apart.

 SO, I have DRAWN these pictures on my blog and they were so real-looking, by yiminy, they CAME TO LIFE,  just like that!

Basically this is an experiment to see if I can live one more day without my blog, or at least the capacity to put together a post in my usual dishonest way.  As it is, it seems to take hours and involves lots of moving the pieces around and copying and pasting, which I hate.

Elephants versus other living things. The huge elephant running away from the little whatever-it-is, fox or something, reminds me of the classic gif of the black bear running away from the cat. The splashy one is a real Marlin Perkins special, a crocodile or alligator (or crocigator or allodile) splooshing up out of the water making them all go ouch.

I refused to post a really mean gif of a mother elephant kicking her baby so hard, it flew farther than any soccer ball in the field. I am not sure why this happened, but I suspect it wasn't the mother elephant. The baby was far too young to be weaned. Probably some rogue male who was just in a bad mood because his Insert Images button was disabled and he couldn't browse any more.

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