Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bewitching: Caitlin turns 9

The child who changed my life:
magic door to first grandmotherhood,
the gingerbread lady in the woods
come home to herself at last
Only minutes old, all pink and gold
I held my breath
and watched her intrepid arrival
Born October 31,
and all her attendants costumed
as if attending some great medieval ball
A magic little football passed from hand to hand
Her birth announced on the radio
during a Canucks game!
Already unique in many ways.
Happy girl in pink, with her Faux-hawk. . .
Cinnamon heart-child. . .

Caitlin by the shore
Little mermaid
Sweet girl in red
Down in Mexico, with Bo Derek braids
Halloween birthday, 2011
Have a Joyous 9th Birthday, Caitlin

. . . and Happy Halloween!