Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is Woody Allen haunted?

This is very very weird, guys,

Cuz whenever I do see

A photo of Woody Allen

Standing beside Soon-Yi -

 He starts to look like someone else

Some other kind of joker:

We wonder why she isn't fooled,

Cuz Woody ain't no smoker.

And when he plays at Michael's Pub

to get his musical kicks,

He goes through lots of clarinets

Cuz he EATS the liquorice sticks.

Although he needs his analyst

To hear his angst, and moan

He locks his door, so Woody leaves

A message on the phone.

This must go back a long long way

Cuz it looks like Diane Keaton:

We don't know why the goat is there,

Or why it isn't bleatin'.

But this-here's weird, it's way, WAY weird

A science project skewed:

If these two fused like Brundlefly,

They'd be very smart: but screwed.