Wednesday, June 20, 2012

San Francisco: I left my heart (and my wallet)

No, seriously, it was beautiful, even though I came home with some wretched bug that must be the flu. My ears were assaulted with hacksaw blades for the last 35 minutes of the flight, and are still recovering. But it was good to be there, and eve better to be home.

This is my almost-first attempt at posting on YouTube. I apologize for the jerky camera work in this one, but hey, IT WASN'T ME, but my husband trying frantically to find the legendary crossroads with glaring sun in his eyes. Still and all, the Land of Rice-a-Roni was fairly magical, with faint traces of the Summer of Love wafting (along with the pot smoke) down Ashbury Street where, I think, the Grateful Dead once lived.

The Golden Gate Bridge was sighingly beautiful, truly worthy of that song (and the tour guide blasted it over the PA system as we crossed it on the bus). The cablecars, well, I'm going to devote a whole blog post to the cablecars. Ding, ding, ding! It's Rice-a-roni, gang!


  1. Congrats on the video, even tho I can't partake of it! Ric-a-Roni? That totally spoils my fantasies of some day visiting the place where everybody's looking for Tony Bennett's heart. Rice-a-Roni. Gach. It's nearly 100 here in cotton-boll country. I am more than verklempt.

  2. I thought you said cotton boil. I'm not sure what that is. And is verklempt kind of like Werner Klemperer? Was he that conductor, or Colonel Klink on Hogan's Heroes? This flu has made me buggy. (Bill Klemperer?)

    1. Musta been a gooood vacation! I'm gonna play one of your videos now...

    2. It ends after "Where the merchandising began." And then we hit four other videos, including quite appropriately, Sinclair's The Jungle. Your voice is as I expected it would be: fresh, lively, youthful...BUT, I thought I might hear some oot and aboots, as you Canadians are wont to do. Didn't.

  3. Yeah, I'm not sure where they went. I'm acutely aware of it in others, however.