Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Further Adventures of Ooka and Eeka (a grandma's tale)

   The Further Adventures of. . .



Ooka and Eeka were two sisters who looked alike. Well, almost. One fine day in the spring, they decided to go for a walk together.

Since Ooka was 17 feet tall and Eeka was one inch tall, it was very hard for Eeka to keep up with Ooka.

“Wait for me, Ooka!”

Ooka was enjoying the walk so much that she didn’t notice that Eeka wasn’t beside her any more.

“Oh no!” said Ooka. “Did I step on her again?”

Ooka looked on the bottom of her shoes, but Eeka wasn’t there. What a relief!


But then she thought: no Eeka? She must be lost!

Ooka was very worried. She looked everywhere, under every tree, rock and mushroom. But Eeka was nowhere to be found.

Ooka was very sad and discouraged. Would she ever find Eeka?

Then all at once she met a friendly elephant.

“Hello, friendly elephant,” she said.


“Mr. Elephant, do you have a cold?’

“No. But I can’t smell the flowers any more.”

“How come?”

“I was smelling this daisy here, and something went up my nose.”

That gave Ooka an idea!

She grabbed the elephant’s trunk and yelled into it.


Then she held his trunk to her ear. At first she didn’t hear anything, but then she heard a teeny tiny voice saying,

                         “Oooooooooooooooo-kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Save me!”

The elephant was very upset by now. “I have a girl up my nose,” he said.

Then Ooka had another idea!

“Eeka, tickle the inside of the elephant’s trunk.”


So she tickled the inside of his trunk. Then the elephant went:

“Ah – ah – ah – ah – ah – CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Eeka flew out of his trunk and sailed through the air all the way to the other side of the country.

“Ooooooo-kaaaaaaa,” she cried. “Come get me. I’m in Newfoundland.”

Ooka had to take a very long walk to find her, but fortunately her legs were very long so it only took her half an hour.

She found Eeka sitting inside a flower, looking very happy.

“Eeka!” said Ooka. “No more sitting in flowers.”

“Why not? I love flowers.”

“Because an elephant might suck you into his trunk again.”

“OK, I won’t.”

And Eeka never did it again.