Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My oats are bully: the dating game in 1865

I think I would marry this guy. Decisions like this were made differently then. It was closer to an arranged marriage, which in many ways is a very practical method. In this case, he informs his prospective bride that he has a good set of teeth, no small asset in that era. I had to look up "Andy Johnson" (the President at the time), and figure out that "bully" was used in that other sense, the way Teddy Roosevelt did. Bully was a GOOD thing then, it meant "awesome", except it was "awesome" with some muscles in it. Some character. Anyway, I am up late again, very late in fact, feeling a bit punchy, not quite bully, but I did like this ad and believe it's real, and typical of the lonely hearts industry that was thriving then, as it is now. Only the names have changed.

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