Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Are you nuts? You'll never fit into THAT.

Victoria's Secret
Women's Clothing StoreBurlington, WA, United States
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Julie Brown ARE YOU NUTS? Our dollar is total crap.
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Richard Mah what are you doing ?? Buying something for yourself
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Trish Gorton Not again Alex thought you quit cross dressing
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Ken Andrews we knew those riding chaps were tight for a reason ........ lol
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Margaret Gunning Love how these ads are sneaked in!

I just had to cut n' paste this, though I normally would take off names. I've seen ridiculous examples of ads sneaked into my news feed via some sort of recommendation of a Facebook friend, but this is the worst one yet! Alex lives HERE in Port Coquitlam, B. C., not in Burlington, Washington (which is, I think, what WA means - or is it Walla Walla?). As far as I know, he's a regular guy who doesn't cross-dress. I keep seeing these ludicrous ads for products, things I would never be interested in in a million years, with some vague, science-fictiony tie to someone on my "friend" list, as if that would make me suddenly sit up and take notice. Oh! Mary Jones likes this, supposedly, so even though I have absolutely no interest in it or even find it personally offensive, I guess I just better buy some right now. Jesus!

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