Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Odds n' ends, fresh today


Sums up my feelings about 2013. Keep watching it for five seconds and your eyeballs will fall out.

A Harold Lloyd whatever. Minifilm.

I've started making this jewelry, see. . . 

Today I found this, the last of a set of three (I think). What movie it is, I don't know, but Roy Brooks is in it, so it must be relatively early. Candid shots on Harold's movie sets are hard to find. Harold seems to be cutting up as usual, but probably for the cameras. Mildred looks like she'd just like to get back to business. Roy Brooks is a bit of a puzzle - I'd like to try to find out more about him, but I'm not sure it's there.

This reminds us once again that Harold Lloyd looked NOTHING like Harold Lloyd. How tiny Mildred looks between them! The men's protective attitude is obvious, but who wouldn't want to protect Mildred Davis?

Roy Brooks appears to be holding a large bottle of milk. Presumably, the same one Harold was drinking out of in the first shot. No nipple in it, though.

Closer shot. She looks cold. Not sure if Harold is watching an airplane ("Plane! Plane!"), or just throwing a peanut up in the air.

I love the titles - love them, love them! They seem to be made of black velvet and make great Facebook covers. These are all from Dr. Jack, never one of my favorites until I watched it again recently. He is sexier in that one than in any of the others - relaxed, confident, and looking closer to his "real self" because for once he doesn't play a goof. He's a country doctor, a respected member of his community, and looking after one hot dish who isn't really sick to begin with! Does it get any better than playing doctor with Harold?


  1. You're right, my eyeballs fell out...HAAAAAAALP!!!

  2. This is so weird, a still picture that is actually a gif. When he's jumping (Buster Keaton, I assume), you can see the traffic moving, then it stops. I thought it was a still picture at first, then when it moved I was sure I was hallucinating.

  3. I love those candid shots. I read your comments and I don't know if you noticed but Harold is balancing the bottle of milk on his forehead in the last one!