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Holy cow (or bear): it's the Sacred Sweater!



Knitting 103 - Teddy Bear


Contributed by:

Trinity Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, WI

Knitting 103 "Teddy Bear


The purpose of Knitting 103
“Teddy Bear Sweater”
is to educate the class about
all the steps
required in knitting a sweater.
The pattern was designed to
include all the parts of a regular s
ized cardigan, including a small
increase pattern on the sleeves,
a ribbed crew collar and button
plackets. They will learn the
importance of determining gauge
and blocking.
The goal is to encourage the
class: if you can knit this teddy
bear sweater, then you can knit a
person sized sweater, too!
It is a four week class.
The sweater is small enough
that they should easily be able to
finish the work from week to week

Teddy Bear Sweater,
Week One
Before people have arrived
to this
class, they should have
what size needles they need to
the correct gauge.
Talk to them about gauge.
Gauge doesn’t matter so
if you’re knitting a dishrag or a
scarf or even an
afghan. But if you’re making
something which needs to
be a certain size, like a
garment or a pillow cover,
then you need
to make sure that your
gauge in knitting
will achieve the proper

After you’ve explained all that,
then it’s time to get started!
Hand out the pattern
for week one, and get them
The Bible Study is centered
on the topic of measuring
Romans 3:19–26.
I. Introduction

•What’s the purpose of a ruler?
•Is an inch the same on one
ruler as it is
on another ruler, or are there
standards for the length of
an inch?

In religion, what would be
our “ruler”?
What do we measure
ourselves against?
(The Law, or the 10
We measure our lives against
the standard
of God’s Law. But a funny thing
once we start to measure our
Have someone read
Romans 3:19–20

II. The Law’s Gauge
Question: What is Paul saying
about when we try to
make the gauge”
against the Law’s standard?
(Nobody will
measure up.)
Paul is saying that we can
never make
the gauge of God’s law.
There are things you can
do in knitting
to manipulate the outcome of
your product.

Question: What are some
you can do? (Use a different
of needles; knit more tightly or
use another yarn)
But Paul is saying that there’s
we can do in our lives to
manipulate our
 gauge to fit God’s standard!
We will not
measure up!
Let’s suppose:
You knit a sweater, but you never
your gauge. And you have a
great time
knitting it up. But when you
get finished,
your sweater will be too large
or to small.

The same think applies with
our lives. You
may go through life never
comparing yourself
against God’s “gauge.” And you
might be as
happy as a lark. But your
gauge will still be
off! Being ignorant of the
truth doesn’t make
our true reality go away.
In fact....look at verse 20.....
it’s precisely in
measuring our gauge that we
conscious of our shortcoming.
The gauge
standard is what points
out to us the truth
about ourselves, that we
can never meet the

III. Another Gauge
Sounds like bad news, huh?
But it isn’t!
Let’s read on. Have someone
read Rom. 3:21–26.
Verse 21—A righteousness from
God apart
from the Law. Aha! There is a
new standard!
Question: And what is this
new standard of
righteousness? (Jesus)
Jesus has measured up to
the gauge of
righteousness. And the
good news is
that we’re not measured
against our gauge.
We’re measured
against his.

Vss. 23–24—Question:
Does anyone
make the gauge on their own?
No! The product of our own doings
will always
fall short. All fall short, and all
“make the gauge”
in the same way: through the
product of Jesus’
This is the good news: We don’t
make the grade. Jesus makes it.
He has “made the gauge”
and in him we meet the standard.

Teddy Bear Sweater, Week One

Romans 3:19-26
Now we know that whatever
the law says,
it speaks to those who are
under the law,
 so that every mouth may be s
ilenced, and
the whole world may be held
accountable to
God. 20 For “no human being
will be justified
in his sight” by deeds prescribed
by the law,
for through the law comes the
knowledge of
21 But now, apart from law, the
righteousness of God has been
and is attested by the law and t
he prophets,
22 the righteousness of God
faith in
Jesus Christ for all who believe.
For there is
no distinction,
23 since all have sinned and
short of the
glory of God;

24 they are now justified by his
grace as a
through the redemption that is in
Christ Jesus,
25 whom God put forward as a
sacrifice of
atonement by his blood,
effective through
He did this to show his
because in his divine
forbearance he had
passed over the sins previously
26 it was to prove at the
present time that he
himself is righteous and that he
justifies the
one who has faith in Jesus.


  1. Heavenly! Glad I kept scrolling.

  2. This was so freakin' bizarre! A knitting lesson suddenly turns into a very self-righteous Biblical screed on how wretchedly unworthy we all are. I've never heard Jesus called a "gauge" before. Sounds a bit mechanical. I think these poor women just wanted to learn to knit and ended up being totally sucked into this toxic shit.

  3. Well, as they say, Gawd knits in mysterious ways. (I think that's how it goes...)