Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Amazing Disappearing/Reappearing Christopher Walken Dance Video

This is a version of what I call the Amazing Disappearing/Reappearing Christopher Walken Dance Video. It has popped up in various guises, including a shorter, more tightly-edited version set to the neo-disco classic Dance Now. I preferred the music on that one to the various other versions, but it was taken down not once but twice on copyright grounds (for the music or the video, I don't know, because other versions of it still exist on YouTube). 

The music here doesn't have that funky hip-hoppish madness to it, is more laid-back and even somewhat sexy, which Walken both is and isn't. I can't even figure out what I think about him, how I feel, if I feel anything. It's more of a fascination. I can't stop reading about Meghan and Harry, either, and I definitely cannot stand them.

Some of his roles have been jaw-droppingly sociopathic, though he has gone on record to say he won't play anyone who doesn't live up to his moral standards (or something). Either he can't stop working, or can't stop needing the paycheque (he lives not in a house but a mansion, on an estate somewhere in Connecticut, with staff). 

He lives like a movie star, in other words, and as we all know, character actors have much longer careers because it doesn't matter if they get old and ugly. He has not aged well, AT ALL, has let his hair get frizzed and wears dumb old man glasses and ratty sweaters and has this annoying whistle when he talks.

In short, he now seems bent on making himself look as hideous as possible, like some Galapagos turtle on an island somewhere far away, WAY far, the last turtle of his kind. Anyway, as a dancer he is eccentric but capable of some nice moves, though his work in Communion was execrable and consisted mainly of spinning his arms around. 

The low point of this whatever-it-is I keep returning to, the one I am really embarrassed about, is the Walken 101 podcast, which is without a doubt the worst scummy excuse for a podcast I have ever listened to, yet I keep listening to it. It's just these two guys who claim to be filmmakers and actors (unemployed!) sitting around in a rec room complaining that they hate Christopher Walken. Meanwhile the whole purpose of the podcast is to watch every single movie, TV show or anything else Walken has ever done, in chronological order, and comment on them all. So far, they hate everything. I got started listening to this thing after they made four really funny initial YouTube videos about Walken, then stopped and did this thing instead.

At any rate, if you just want to see him dance and don't care about the music, this one is OK. I can find a nice visual version AND a separate audio of the music I like, but my God, why go to all this (or ANY) trouble about someone I don't particularly like, or at least can't make my mind up about?

"Don't spill the tea!" (glorious tea-pouring gifs)