Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Radiation where it counts: Vita Radium Suppositories


Our VITA RADIUM SUPPOSITORIES (HIGH STRENGTH) are one of the outstanding triumphs of Radium Science. These Suppositories are guaranteed to contain REAL RADIUM - in the exact amount for most beneficial effect. They are inserted per rectum, one each night, this being one of the several practical and successful ways of introducing Radium into the system.

After insertion, the Suppository quickly dissolves and the Radium is absorbed by the walls of the colon; then, within a few minutes, it enters the blood stream and traverses the entire body. Every tissue, every organ of the body is bombarded by its health-giving electric atoms, Thus the use of these Suppositories has an effect on the human body like recharging has on an electric battery.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Obsolete diseases

Obsolete diseases

THEN                                     NOW

catarrh                                    runny nose

lumbago                                 lower back pain

dropsy                                    edema

ague                                        fever and chills - malaria


grippe or la grippe               flu

St. Vitus Dance                        Sydenham's Chorea                                            
dyspepsia                                  indigestion

bilious                                       nauseated

brain fever                                meningitis

consumption                            tuberculosis

piles                                           hemorrhoids

nerves                                       anxiety, panic

rheumatism                   arthritis

shell shock                     PTSD

battle fatigue                 PTSD

dementia praecox         schizophrenia

split personality           dissociative identity disorder

nervous breakdown      anxiety/depression

apoplexy                         stroke


senility                                               dementia

sick headache                                   migraine

chilblains                                           cold blisters

hydrophobia                                     rabies

lockjaw                                              tetanus

scrofula                                              psoriasis

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


For a long time we have hesitated to advertise Ambition Pills, fearing that this remedy might be classed with the many fraudulent preparations in the market. 

A single trial will convince any sufferer that we have A POSITIVE CURE for Impotency, Sleeplessness, Enlarged Veins and Nervous Debility, which includes troublesome dreams, evil forebodings, losses, despondency and aversion to society, caused by overwork or other excesses; 

Especially recommended in cases of long standing and where other remedies have failed. Only reputable druggists can secure agencies. For a short time only, the price will be $1.00 per box or six boxes (with guarantee) for $5.00 - Price will soon be doubled. 

Circular Free. Address: Halsid Drug Co., Cleveland, O.
Sold by H. W. Mordhurst, 74 Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Vigorous Manhood!

Vigorous Manhood

Two “Health Belt Men”: One 50 Years Old, the Other 30. Can You Pick Out the Younger?

I can show you how to restore your youth and how to keep it. A “Health Belt Man” CANNOT grow old; he must be young forever. Years count for nothing. In this life, so long as you have great vitality, Weakness, Nervousness, Unmanliness are conditions to be laughed at by the intelligent user of my great appliance, for it gives, in abundance, all that vim, vigor and nerve force which the weakened system craves. 

Worn every night and all night for two or three months, it sends a great, warm glowing volume of electricity into your body through the nerve centres at small of back: from the first hour’s use you experience a decided benefit; there is a great mysterious force which gets right to work. No drugs to be taken; no conditions imposed except that dissipation must cease. Help Nature that much: the Belt will do the rest. 

It takes the weakness and kink out of your back; it drives rheumatic pains away from all parts of the body; you will feel and look young and strong again; women and men noticing your physical change will be more attracted toward you on account of your new vitality and life; in two months you can experience the full vigor of perfect manhood. Charles L. Snell of Middleport, N. Y., writes: “Your Health Belt cured me of Nervous Debility, Lost Vigor, Kidney and Bladder troubles after all else failed.” This is but one testimonial among thousands which you may see if you care to.

Let Me Send You My Book FREE

It fully describes my Health Belt, and contains much valuable information. One part is called “Health in Nature,” and deals with various ailments common to both men and women, such as rheumatism, kidney, liver, stomach, bladder disorders, etc. The other part, “Strength,” is a private treatise for men only. Sent upon application, free, sealed, by mail.

If in or near this city, take the time to drop in at my office, that you may see, examine and try the Belt. No charge for professional advice either at my office or by mail. If you cannot call, fill in the coupon and get the free book by return mail. It is better than a fortune for any one needing new vigor.

1151 Broadway  New York City

Friday, January 17, 2020

The Troll Doll Channel: GORGEOUS Troll Makeovers!

Ah, YouTube! Such a glorious way to not re-LIVE, but re-DO my childhood, taking one element I loved and multiplying it like loaves and fishes. Since I can't keep a horse, this will have to do. But such fun I have. SO FAR, there has been no major blowback from the FTC/COPPA fiasco. NO one knows how to mark their videos now, and so far the only direct result has been YouTube labelling some vids for kids, even though they weren't meant that way. Strange are the ways of YT. But I"m keeping on keeping on, probably not buying as many this year due to our budget, but still wanting to play with them (I never played with dolls as a kid, and NEVER did anything with my trolls, none of which had outfits of any kind). It's fun, that's why, and YT is a way of sharing it with (I think!) other collectors. It's hard to see a six-year-old wanting to watch a video featuring 60-year-old troll dolls. No one says they CAN'T, but they weren't made for them. YT's algorithm is flagging some of them, but in their usual haphazard/scattershot way. It's all done by bot, and the bot has moods, I guess. It's a lot moodier and less consistent than any human being would be. 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Hedgehog Plays Piano. Jazz Style!

Many are the animals who run across, roll around on, lip, and paw the piano keys. Some almost sound like SOME kind of music, especially if an elaborate accompaniment is added. I hadn't seen the hedgehog one before. I'm not a big hedgie fan, as they always strike me as a cross between a porcupine and an armadillo. The way they roll up in a ball is a bit creepy. They're also bigger than I imagined: I thought they'd be hamster-sized, but instead look more the size of a guinea pig.

This is all for today, what with dealing with MORE health issues, and totally snowed in for now, a rarity in this part of the woods. I'm not sure what the affinity between animals and the piano keyboard is, but here it is. I think the hedgehog has the most natural musical flow, since the kitty is basically just pawing at keys randomly, and the others are just - silly. Playing all the black notes automatically sounds like jazz. Take that, jazz players! I'm going back to bed now.