Sunday, December 16, 2018

Very strange winter Blingee

I did not make this truly amazing Blingee-style animation, but I'm glad somebody did. 

Best Scene in "It's a Wonderful Life"

I won't tell you about the movie, because if you haven't seen it this won't make sense anyway. It's right after Uncle Billy loses the $8000.00 (which is about $20,000.00 in today's dollars), and George Bailey finds out about it and thrashes the living daylights out of his poor, feeble-minded uncle. The thing is, we've never seen any semblance of a squirrel in the movie up to now. All we've seen is a raven. Maybe it would look too macabre if a raven jumped up on his shoulder? Poor Uncle Billy.

Crazy Christmas cat!

My current favorite Christmas cat gif. He makes a brief appearance in my gif montage, which may or may not be working.  I made it from a dozen different gifs of all sizes and shapes, and my Blogger doesn't like that. But this guy is truly memorable.