Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rhapsody in black and white

Friesians in snow. Very close to perfection. OK, I know I post a lot of Fresians in snow, just like I post a lot of northern lights and trolls and William Shatner. Call them obsessions.

Puttin' on the Ritz: animation

This was originally a very strange old Ritz cracker ad from the '60s, and now it is an even stranger animation. The fact that it used only a few frames was helpful to me. This was very cheap animation originally, but in its own way, stylish. The animation for 1950s commercials was even more ludicrously simple, almost a series of still pictures like Clutch Cargo. Things had evolved by the '60s, but not very much! In this scenario, the husband flips out and jumps up in the air because they are all out of Ritz crackers, and the wife (of course) comes to the rescue. In this case, he REALLY flips out!