Thursday, March 29, 2018


Grandma didn't just have cups and saucers. She had CHINA,  the delicate teacups and fluted saucers edged in gold, plates festooned with roses and peacocks and even elaborate hunting scenes. I won't get into the Delft blue-patterned china, because that deserves its own post. My mother had a twelve-place setting of blue Wedgwood china with raised white grape leaf borders, which we only brought out at Christmas, and a gold-edged milk pitcher with a dog for a handle. (She wouldn't serve milk out of a bottle because "the neighbors might see it"). Once when Bill and I went to a 1920s museum in Burnaby, we kept crying out, "My grandma had one of those!" "So did MY grandma!" We came to the conclusion that we both had the same grandma, which fortunately wasn't true in a genetic sense.

These are miniatures for looking only, but must have taken forever to make. Our plates are from Walmart. They're also our "good china". Or should I say, our dishes.

P. S. I just thought of something. The mustard! Or at least I think it was mustard. It was in a little thing that looked like a white china beehive, with a bee on the top. I've looked, and there are similar images, either for honey or mustard (this must have been mustard - we were Irish and that kind of family). 
I never used it, so  it was one of the million-and-one things I wondered about, but never figured out.