Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kitty shows me his butt!

When a cat shows you his butt, it's supposed to be an honour (kind of like dropping a dead bird at your feet). Here, Bentley takes it a little too far with the head-butts, flinging himself at me in a way which is highly unusual for him. He can be a tad aloof and will not receive affection unless he is in the mood. In other words, he is a cat.

This video is a tad dark, but I'm using the YouTube editing program which is a bit primitive. If you lighten things up too much, they turn orange and pixilated. 

The last time Bentley did something like this was at the vet's. He stood there on the table and rammed his head under my arm like an ostrich. He has limits. Boarding him while we went to Hawaii was downright traumatic, and he barely ate (and wouldn't even drink, being incredibly stubborn). I guess here he has forgiven me at last. 

Worst dance I've ever seen

This is a terrible dance number, not only for its inane and monotonous tune (if you could call it that) but for the dreadful camera work, which keeps focusing on the young women's chests. 

I was surprised to find there are at least a dozen versions of Pop Corn (or Popcorn, as it is sometimes known) by different "pop" groups in Europe. But this is the one that caught on. It's been called the first electronic pop song, but that discounts Dick Hyman's Moog, a classic album which I still listen to because I like how unsophisticated the electronic effects are. There is still a sense of discovery, whereas now that vein has been mined and is completely empty.

Back then, it was common to depict the Masters of Moog sitting in front of consoles that looked exactly like telephone switchboards from the 1930s. I'm not sure how they did it, but right now I don't care much because this thing is staring me in the face and I'm just about done with it. I couldn't even watch all of the video. I guess it's a period piece.

Meantime, this might be my favorite pop dance number (until I think of another one). Me and the blondie grandgirls used to dance to this, until they really began to dance and realized Nanny couldn't do it. It still kicks ass, in my books.