Monday, May 29, 2017

Weird for sale

The pink cat

Back from Orlando by melaniethebobcat

Choo Choo by melaniethebobcat

Hey Chooch by bamboodog

now i haz cheezburger by ladysomnambule

Choo Choo by iraccoon

Choo Choo from Top Cat by phraggle

Choo Choo mug shot by hognatius

Untitled by bobthetanuk

Le chat rose by rafael gonzales

The DeviantArt site never fails to knock me out with the calibre of talent and imagination therein. Just dipping into the Top Cat section was overwhelming, so I tried to keep to my favorite character.

Looking at all these, I am reminded of how spectacularly untalented I am! But I am also delighted to see that people remember and love Choo Choo and all the other Top Cat characters (but especially Choo Choo, because he is, let's face it, frankly adorable).

I can't, however, identify these last two.  They had been posted and reposted, likely on the Satanic Pinterest site (which makes me want to slit my wrists every time it forces its way into my image searches) and proved to be unidentifiable, at least by me. But if anyone knows who did them. . . For sure, I know one thing. I didn't make them, and I wish I had.