Thursday, February 9, 2017

Twenty seconds of Superman

Unlike 90% of the gifs that appear on this blog, I didn't make this one. It's a "share" (so it's OK, I'm not ransacking anyone's gif files). It's the longest gif I've ever seen, maybe because it's a stop-motion type thing, but the effect is still there.

Actually, no. I just timed it at 20 seconds, and I used to be able to make 30-second ones (easily!) when Gifsforum was still in operation. Later on, before it completely malfunctioned, Makeagif would make at least a 20-second one. I can still do longer ones on Imgur, but they're far too big to post. All my attempts to shrink them down make them look like crap.

So it's nice to get an unusually-long one like this. The animation works just fine with only a few frames per second. Damn sight better than mine, anyways. And whatever DID happen to Gifsforum?? If I google it, it tells me it's still in operation, but believe me when I say, there is NOTHING there.

Running out of time? God will give you more

I recently found a trove of  "As Seen on TV" videos on YouTube, the kind you will never see on TV (or, at least, I haven't). There's even a Facebook page with a daily video. Oh joy! Some of these are just weird enough to appeal to me. I didn't think anyone was religious enough to want a talking clock that spews scriptural verses at you, but then again -. Here it is.

Bentley is behind my computer screen

Bentley does NOT like the vacuum cleaner. He likes the carpet cleaner even less. It's rare to see him hide anywhere - he's usually not a fraidy-cat. But here he averages it out: halfway hiding, just peeking over the edge. I wish the light were better here. He doesn't stay long behind it, anyway.