Sunday, January 22, 2017

Don't worry - be happy

Hilda: all wet

Hilda is "all wet" in these three panels, which I could not resist animating. If I could, I'd make her get up and jump out of the frame and run around. I'd even make her talk. 

If she were real, she'd be someone I'd like to know.

Much is made of her "plus-size" proportions, but I don't think of her that way. She simply is. Her body is her body, and she derives great enjoyment from it. She's often depicted playing with animals, or lazing around in nature, feeling entirely at home wherever she is. 

She is the antithesis of neurotic, anxious, angry, gloomy, self-conscious, over-intellectual. . . in fact, she probably wouldn't know what "antithesis" means. Nor would she care - she would have gone out for ice cream.

She is, of course, a cartoon character, so we can't assign too many traits to her. But enjoy life? You bet she does. I like that about her. Though she's not shown with friends or lovers, she's often reading letters (with immense pleasure) or talking on the phone. And with Hilda, you just sort of "know". She would not spend her Saturday nights alone.

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