Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Unknown William Shatner

as the deer longs 
for the running waters my soul 
longs o God for you 
I recall pouring out my 
soul within me 
how I used 
to walk in the great procession 
leading to the house of God 
among the 
shouts of joy and 
praise in crowds keeping 
the feast day 
why are you sad my soul sighing 
within me deep call out to deep 
in the roar of your cataracts 
all your surges have passed over me 
all your waves 
my very bones feel 
the blow as my enemies mock me 
as daily I am taunted where is 
your God why are you  
sad my soul sighing within me 
hope in God for I shall yet praise him 
again he who saves me from shame 
my own God

Christmas at my house