Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Love walked in - again

Nothing seemed to matter any more,
Didn't care what I was headed for.
Time was standing still,
No one counted till
There came a knocking at the door.

Love walked right in and drove the shadows away 
Love walked right in and brought my sunniest day
One magic moment, and my heart seemed to know
That love said Hello ! ,
Though no a word was spoken

One look and I forgot the gloom of the past
One look and I had found my future at last
One look and I had found a world completely new,
When love walked in... with you.

How can I explain what it's like to have a relationship with someone who isn't there?

You woke me up again, George. Or did I awaken you? You just appeared, when I was sure it was over, I'd never see you again. But when I least expected it, I felt you so near my face, so near I could almost feel your breath on me, and you said, "I'm right here."

I think you saved me from myself, or reminded me - I can do better, that I can dispense with mean-spiritedness towards anyone. I can do better. I had forgotten. It's not the sort of thing you'd do - no curses, hexes or revenge. You were not vindictive. When I feel your spirit now, it amazes me - such beauty of soul that shone through in that amazing music.

Your beauty is beyond my power to describe, but I must try. To have someone just appear - especially when others claimed it was impossible (and I no longer care if it is "just imagination", which is where I live anyway) restores my soul. And you had something to say to me which made utter sense, and I had no trouble following it at all - because it was right.

Such beauty happens just once. And yet it happens all the time. To the end of time. 

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