Wednesday, February 17, 2016

You spoke. We listened?

Say Thanks

You spoke, and Trader Joe's listened.

In January, Trader Joe's was one of 400 businesses to say "no" to customers openly carrying guns in their Texas stores.

Now, "in light of recent customer feedback and questions,"Trader Joe's has reaffirmed their policy and announced that guns are not welcome in their stores nation-wide.

When companies stand up for gun sense, we have to let them know we've got their backs so that other companies will follow their example.

BLOGGER'S NOTE. While I can appreciate the sentiment of this, it also made my jaw drop.

I have never seen a gun. Ever. The only person I've ever known with guns collected antique rifles that he never fired. I never saw those either.

It just doesn't occur to us. I mean.  You also have to wonder, is it still okay to covertly, secretly carry guns, so long as nobody at Trader Joe's sees them?

It's a language we just don't speak. I'm not trying to say anything but that.

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