Sunday, January 24, 2016

X Files Football Delay: my sentiments exactly

Yes. Though the reboot of The X Files was about as disappointing as I expected (especially Gillian Anderson's House of Wax/embalmed Botox face), it pissed me off that all the blathering hoopla after the football game, whoever-the-hell-was-playing-or-won, delayed the start of the show by about 25 minutes. I say "about" because it was damn impossible to tell just when it would start, or if it would in fact be one of those "we-now-join-our-regularly-scheduled-program-which-is-already-in-progress" piles of bullshit. Meaning it wouldn't be worth watching at all.

And this after seemingly months of overinflated hype.

I planned to record it and watch it tomorrow or later tonight, but when I saw it wasn't going to start on time, at all, I mean AT ALL, and the screaming and mindless comments went on and on and on, I scrambled around to try to record the next ten hours after the game to try to catch it. I still don't think I watched all of it - it seemed to bleed over several time slots, messily, and kept ending in mid-sentence, so I had to try to find where the next part of it was.

Fox has messed up big-time, but will take no responsibility for this, in spite of a torrent of complaints on their Facebook page, on Twitter, Reddit, etc.(including mine). But it was almost worth going through all that trauma to listen to this guy, whoever he is. I've never seen his videos before, they were posted only tonight, and his accent for some reason makes me want to do backflips. I don't mean that unkindly, I am a connaisseur of accents and this one is a doozy, almost plummy, Elizabethan, like deep-deep-South accents can be. And I totally understand his rage.

BLOGGER'S P. S. : The truth is TOTALLY "out there". All trace of this guy has disappeared. No, I mean it! My repeated  viewings of his video have been wiped from my YouTube history, something which - as far as I know -  can't be done. 

So what is the deeper significance of the mysterious Southern Guy, whose name I now forget?

Damn if I know. But I sure did like his accent.

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