Saturday, January 9, 2016

From a REAL dating site: me n' George, together at last?

Margaret Gunning and George Gershwin
Numerological Compatibility

Compatibility level: 25% - A relationship that presents frequent challenges and requires much compromise.

This match combination is particularly interesting. The different natures of Margaret Gunning's Life Path number 3 and George's 7 make for a relationship that either lasts for about two weeks before going up in flames, or remains exciting and powerful for a lifetime. If their relationship has existed for quite some time and can be considered stable, Margaret Gunning and George Gershwin may well be soul mates for life. If the relationship started recently and has already experienced considerable ups and downs, they should be prepared to let go. It is also quite common for this combination to turn from romance into deep friendship immediately after a romantic fall-out.

Margaret Gunning has a restless, energetic, unconventional mind that happily explores the boundaries of creativity and originality. Like a kaleidoscope, Margaret Gunning's mind changes colors and shapes and enchants those around it. George has a much more serious, but no less unconventional way of looking at life. George is an untiring seeker of truth and understanding. George gets great satisfaction out of quiet moments of contemplation and soul searching. In fact, George thrives on the clarity and realizations that come from such moments and from moments of spiritual enlightenment.

Margaret Gunning and George have very different approaches in the way they think. But, on the other hand, they have in common the fact that they both are unconventional and not afraid to wander off the beaten path. Although they have different needs and they find their happiness in very different ways, such ways are not incompatible. It is precisely their uniquely different intellects that make this relationship lively and interesting. Margaret Gunning and George complement each other. They give each other something they would not be able to give themselves. Margaret Gunning brings sunshine and an intuitive faith to George, while George offers margaret gunning a taste of the beauty found in exploring the depths of life itself. Like the sun and the moon, they supply light and comfort. Although on opposite ends of the spectrum in some ways, Margaret Gunning and George bring light and comfort to each other’s life and, as long as they do not compete for each other’s space, they can live in great harmony.


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(This-all came from a dating site that matches plain old people like me with "celebrities", including dead ones. Why, I don't know - fantasy material, I guess, because these are people you can't hope to meet, especially the dead ones. The thing that interests me is that they seem to have it backwards: all the traits assigned to me are George's, and vice-versa. Poetic as he was, George wasn't terribly introspective , though he was famous for his spells of melancholy. He was a mover and a shaker and may have known on some level that he was changing musical history. While doing so, I guess he found time to date me. I won't say much more about that. Hate to kiss and tell.)

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