Monday, December 7, 2015

Without further adieu. . .

Here beginneth the minimizing of health dangers from cigarettes. Not sure when this started, but TV ads began to emphasize "light", "fresh", and other words which might lead the consumer to believe that smoking did no harm


"Luckies are easy on my throat." I can't make out all the rest, except "throat protection against irritation, against cough". 

Give 'em a whole carton, why don't you? Indeed, I do remember when a carton of cigarettes made a nice Christmas gift, especially when beautifully wrapped.

Outstanding . . . and they are mild! Mild meaning - ?

Santa, all tied up. . . in lawsuits.

But here's my favorite. 

Text: Delivering "just what you've always wanted" - A Treat instead of a Treatment

Old Golds

You can always give Old Golds with confidence, because no other leading cigarette is less irritating, or easier on the throat, or contains less nicotene than Old Golds. The conclusion was established on evidence by the United States Government.


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