Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just a bunch more funny signs

I used to think this as a child, but not in those words.

Kind of crude, but the shoes are really pretty, so. . . 


So is that a leprechaun standing there? They do say "shite", after all.

Personally I prefer the "soured vegetables" (these are vegetables that started out with high ideals, but slowly, almost imperceptibly, over the years, over the decades, their idealism was squeezed out of them by a pitiless world) and "the water fries the potato" (a nice trick). And what about "deep-fried bean-curd with odor"? Appeal to you?

I like the honesty here.

Have you ever seen a SMART bean sprout?

Mixed messages here. Does this mean it's GOOD to pee in the pool? or what??