Monday, June 9, 2014

CLOP: must be Monday!

I find weird things on the net,  probably just because they are there to be found. At some point when I was rewriting my piece on Richard Correll, I wanted to find an image of a chimera - something elusive, secretive, and probably not even real, the sort of thing that exists mainly in your mind but tortures you forever.

Tortures you forever, for this particular chimera keeps getting its horn stuck in the ground. 

These gif images are part of a game - at least I think it's a game - called CLOP. I don't know how to play it because I have never played an internet game in my life, nor will I ever, I don't think. I don't particularly like games - they seem stressful to me, and a waste of time, when you could be doing something much more enjoyable, such as eating.

This unicorn does not strike me so much as a chimera as, well, myself. The course of my life has been sort of like this, a rough gallop with periodic nasty spills, from which I must try to pick myself up. Each time, a little more damage is done. But like an idiot who never learns, I always get back up, and for the most part things aren't any better. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This gif is particularly strange because while the unicorn seems to be advancing - the tree and the mystery person slowly disappear stage right - we can't see how it could ever propel itself in this manner. It seems to be sliding along on its nose, hind legs kicking frantically in the air. A state I know all too well.

Here, the unicorn is having a really bad day. Must be Monday.

Determined to move forward nonetheless, the unicorn encounters a flight of stairs. Stairyway to freedom? Or at least uprightness?

He's doing OK, folks. . . let's cheer him on. . . 

Now we KNOW it's Monday.

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