Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The many faces of Rob Ford

Rob Ford, Rob Ford, our friend Rob Ford
If you didn't pull this shit, we'd soon get bored.
A drunken rant in a takeout joint?
Let's face it, he's crazy, we get the point.

Here RoFo moves at a faster pace.
The takeout customers think he's a a disgrace.
A guy in the bathroom is taking this video,
Until Ford hollers at him, "I want to get rid-e-o."

And now our boy is really shakin'
As he rants and shouts bad things in Jamaican.
Clearly this fellow is very upset;
More clearly, someone should go grab a net.

Here Rob Ford looks all artistic,
Though these gif settings don't make him any less sadistic.
He looks kind of cool though, all grainy and stuff,
Though the next day, he's gonna feel pretty rough.

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