Thursday, October 10, 2013

More creepy shit

I don't know about you - I mean I REALLY don't know about you because you're a unique individual with needs, desires, chromosomes, fingernails and a digestive tract that is all your own - but I find these new gifs plain creepy. They're some new technology that I haven't mastered yet, and aren't you glad? A supposed improvement on the jerky little things I've learned to make. But oh God, look.

There are all sorts of these now and they are being touted as some sort of breakthrough, but the thing is, even if the picture is clearer and more realistic, nothing really happens in them. You see a lot more action in one of my three-second Harold Lloyd clockhanger things.

Oh my God!  How realistic! Look at that cake batter, how flowing and detailed. But howcum the pan never gets filled up? Must be a hole in the bottom, in which case this woman must be standing in batter up to her ankles. She's smiling, so I guess that's her particular fetish. I also like the fact that except for the particular detail of the batter, everything else is motionless. The woman is as still as the dead.

My personal favorite. I used to call gifs "three-second movies", but I think that's being pared down to "one-second". A nod and a wink. Then we're done.