Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blueberry Butt!

Charge of the Light Brigade: Take 2

De Jarge of de Light Brigade

by William F. Kirk ("The Norsk Nightingale")

(NOTE: William F. Kirk , The Norsk Nightingale, was a 19th-century dialect poet world-famous for his "lumberyack" poetry, best represented by Sonnet on Stewed Prunes ("By yiminy! Dey ban gude"). One of his oevres was satirizing famous poetry, including the "half a league, half a league" refrain of Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade. At least I think it was Tennyson. . . I always used to call him Alfred Lord Tennis Ball. Anyway, try reading this aloud in the home furnishings section of Ikea, and see what happens!)

Yoyfully, yoyfully, Yoyfully onvard,

In dis har walley of death Rode the sax hundred!
It ban a cinch, ay tenk, 
 Some geezer blundered.
 "Hustle, yu Light Brigade! Yump!" Maester Olson said;
 Den in the walley of death
 Go the sax hundred. 

Cannon on right of dem, 
Cannon on left of dem, 
Cannon on top of dem, 
 Wolleyed and t'undered; 
Smashed vith dis shot and shal, 
Dey ant do wery val; 
Most of dem ketching hal,— 
 Nearly sax hundred! 

Yes, all dem sabres bare 
Flash purty gude in air; 
Each faller feel his hair Standing. No vonder! 
Yudas! It ant ban yob 
For any coward slob, 
Fighting dis Russian mob. 
Ay tenk ay vudn't stand Yeneral's blunder.
Cannon on right of dem, 
Cannon on top of dem, 
Cannon behind dem, tu, 
 Wolleyed and t'undered. 
Finally say Captain Brenk, 
"Ve got enuff, ay tenk,
 Let's go and getting drenk."
 'Bout tventy-sax com back 
 Out of sax hundred.

Ven skol deir glory fade?
 It ban gude charge dey made, 
 Every von vondered. 
Every von feeling blue, 
'Cause dey ban brave old crew, 
Yolly gude fallers, tu,