Sunday, August 26, 2012

Is Baby "alive"?

(Blogger's note. I did not write this. I swear. Yes, I know I have a morbid imagination and, yes, a melancholy turn of mind. But this is beyond even me. This is fact. This is taken from the internet, so it Must Be True. Hunker down, now, it gets bad.)  

How to Insert Eyes into your Reborn Doll

I will do my best to explain to you how to insert your Reborn Baby dolls eyes the correct way.
Things You'll Need
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue or E-6000

  1. After heating your Reborn baby doll in a oven at 265 degrees for 8 minutes (using a oven thermometer is always suggested ) your vinyl doll will be easier to work with. Working with your hand on the head squeeze the face and look inside the head. This will push the eye sockets out to you. Carefully cut the eye caps made of vinal in the shape of the eye. You will then be left with a hole where the eye should be.

    Take you eye balls, I know that sounds weird, but you can order any style glass, plastic, any color I usually order from Secrist or Bountiful Baby's. Anyway make only a slight rim of glue around the outer edge of the eyeball. Using either Aleenes Original Tacky Glue or e-6000 I like them both and cannot pick a favorite, actually I use them both. As I will explain. Let the glue dry for approximately 5 minutes. If not when you place it in the socket it will be sliding around. When 5 minutes is up place the eye in the socket. With the face facing you find the correction position for the eye. Hold it tight with your finger for approximately 5 minutes. If this is the position you want place a heavy item, I use a heavy wrench into the dolls head resting on the eye ball. Let it dry.

  4. Continue with the second eye following the same instructions. When this has dries I take the Tacky glue and over flow it on the eyeballs from inside the head. Turn your doll facing you if any glue is seeping through take a toothpick and remove excess glue. Let dry and your eyes are set.

How do I Troubleshoot a Baby Alive Doll That Won't Eat?

The Baby Alive doll, made by Hasbro, simulates functions of a real baby such as eating, crying and going to the bathroom. This provides a way for children to learn about personal care. The Baby Alive doll requires four AA batteries to operate successfully. If your doll stops eating, you can try figuring out what's wrong and
fixing it.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 AA batteries
  • Baby Alive Owner's Manual booklet
  • Phillips head screwdriver


Reference your Baby Alive owner's manual. This includes instructions on how to change the batteries as well as other tips.

Give the doll a drink. Place the power switch in the "On" position. Fill the bottle provided with the doll with regular tap water. After each feeding, you must give the doll a bottle to ensure that the food will not get lodged in the doll.

Clean out your doll. Feed several bottles of tap water to the doll while holding it over your sink. Tilt the bottles from side to side when you give them to the doll to get food out of the corners.

Replace the batteries. Turn the power to the "Off" position. Unscrew the battery cover with a small Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the batteries and dispose of them properly. Add four new AA batteries to the compartment and replace the cover. Place the power in the "On" position to test the doll again.

Contact Hasbro if you still cannot get your doll to eat. The company will be able to help you in determining if you product is faulty or assist you in purchasing a new one.