Friday, September 21, 2012

Barbecue Joe and his Hot Dogs - Tin Roof Blues (1930)

Hot Dog Blues by Barbecue Joe and his White Guy Band
Oh yeah.

Since you left me, mama
I got dem ole
Hot Dog Blues.
Got it so bad I bin puttin'
Mustard on my shoes

Since you left me baby,
I'm hangin' roun'

With a big bunch of Jews!
(musical interlude)

Boss man sez 
I gots ta pay my dues
(thump thump thump)
With the mob on my case,
I cain't see how I can refuse

And though you're thinkin', baby
That it's only a ruse
And though you're thinkin', baby
That I've lost my muse
And though you're thinkin', baby
That I'se exclaimin' "J'accuse"
(while reading Spinoza)

It don't make no difference, naw sahhhhhhhhh. . .
Cuz I've got dem -
Got dem -
Ohhhhhhhh, cuz I've got dem -
Got dem-old hot dog blues:
Gotta get down to de cawnah store to buy some,
I ain't got no time. . . to. . . loooooooooose!


  1. Yum! The best dogs have pureed nostrils, eyelids and lips in them...mmmmmmmMMMM!

  2. And intestines. Whatever they sweep up off the floor.