Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Harold Lloyd: I would do anything for love

Reading an excerpt from The Glass Character. Anything for love.

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  1. Dammit! I get three or four words, then it has to spool some more, then three or four more words...

    I need to take this some place with wifi that has more bandwidth. Maybe the library or, believe it or not, the local McDonald's. From what I have seen so far: Your voice is pleasing, as I knew it would be, sitting in the poor light, if intentional, creates a sense of mystery. If possible (and maybe you do this) at some point I would have the camera zoom in to just your face. Or, even better, start out up close and then zoom back to where you are when you read. Or vice versa (I would make a lousy director). One mistake most readers make initially (I did) is reading too fast. Reading slower allows you to put more color into your voice. More drama. Pretend you are scolding a brat, enunciating almost sarcastically and speaking so slowly it becomes intimidating. Sort of Clint Eastwoodish. Later...