Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh my hormones.

Separated at birth, Part 576. . .

Contenders: the new Mad Man at Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce, one very cute but pushy Bronxy Jewish guy named Michael Ginsberg, played by an unknown (to me) named Ben Feldman.

Ferris Bueller! Matthew Broderick when he was still young and dishy.

I'm going to mix these up. You decide.

Brothers? Cousins maybe? Who knows.

OK, then, at least a stand-in. . .

They're both pretty dreamy. . .

. . . but only this guy is still young.

Bueller?. . . Bueller?. . . Bueller?. . .Bueller?. . .


  1. Broderick's son? That last photo caught him on a bad jowl day.

  2. In case you're wondering, I keep changing the titles of these coz they seem to be slow sellers. It has worked a couple of times and got me hundreds of views. Sex works.