Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Was this thing made of chewing gum?

Well folks, I don't have much that's new to say today except that thank GOD the heat has lifted. I turn into a melted Creamsicle at these times, and all I want to do is knit and eat potato chips. Even going to the frigid mall is hard on the body, as my body core doesn't cool off for a long time and doesn't take well to the assault of a sudden chill. Also I can't walk off all the calories and feel fat as a P. I. G.

So anyway, in my clicking around, I found a highly unusual color video of the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse of 1940. This is footage that doesn't appear in most of the other videos, taken from different angles. It also includes much more of the "sea monster" humping up and down that was common on the bridge before it began to twist like a pretzel. The public was assured this was "safe" and normal, which was totally bizarre. With the internal damage from all the heaving, the thing could have buckled at rush hour (if they had such a thing then) and killed who knows how many people.

Though it lacks the hokey and un-helpful narration of the other videos ("There it goes!"), it has an eerie sound track which seems authentic, though there is some doubt that anyone used sound film then. From eyewitness accounts, the failure of the bridge was deafening, with loud screeching and roaring that went on for hours.

Truly fascinating.


  1. I LOVE this story, and keep returning to it. There's a sort of anarchy to it. The Establishment falls down. And/or, a project done on the cheap by a questionable architect ends in disaster. Plus, I love to see concrete and steel flap back and forth like a pancake.